Bubble Machine For Rent - Bubbleworks



Professional Bubble Machine rental creates high volume of bubbles for shows, advertising, events and TV productions.


Length / Width:24 in L by 16 in W
Weight:22 lbs
Rating:1 amps AC @ 110 volts @ 60 hz.
Formula Required:Bubbleworks Special Formula



Is Bubbleworks messy?
No. Bubbbleworks Special Formula was custom made for stages and theatres.  It was designed to create bubbles that float long distances without making the  mess that you would see with store-bought bubble solutions or bubble juice.

Will Bubbleworks make the ground slippery?
No, as long as you place the equipment in places that won’t create any build-up and operate the machines at levels that don’t overwhelm the space. Being sensible and hands-on with your bubble installation allows for a great effect without creating a safety concern.

How long do Bubbleworks bubbles last?
One gallon of Bubbleworks Special Formula will create about an hour of bubbles.

Are Bubbleworks bubbles safe for children, plants, and animals?
Our formula is Earth friendly, hypoallergenic, and comprised of 98% water. It is safe and sustainable for interactions with plants, pets, and people.

How is a Bubbleworks Professional Bubble Machine Rental different from other bubble machine rentals?
Our equipment and formulas are professional grade and produce the most bubbles.  Other bubble rentals use cheap machines that produce a very weak bubble effect.

Do you offer separate set-up service and professional operation of your bubble machines?
Absolutely! If your project is more involved than just a basic bubble machine rental, let us handle all the details. Large-scale, fully produced installations are our specialty. Bubbleworks has the experience and professional crew to handle a flawless bubble transformation in any space. Contact us for a quote.